New River Air Station Takes Closer Look At Security After Navy Yard Shootings

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In response to Monday's shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is ordering the Pentagon review the security of all U.S. defense facilities worldwide. Officials say Aaron Alexis opened fire and killed 12 people at the D.C. naval yard Monday.

The shooting hit close to home for marines aboard New River Air Station in Onslow County, and forced officials to take a close look at security procedures.

We spoke to operations officer for New River Lt. Col. Parrish Boulware.

"Anytime we have a real world event it probably kicks it into more gear to have us look at that particular type of event and to make sure we're well prepared for those types of events as well and we look forward to the after action items and lessons learned that they may have we'll incorporate those into ours as we have in other previous events."

Bases can be more restrictive if the commander feels a specific threat, but Lt. Col. Boulware says he doesn't anticipate a lot of changes unless headquarters or the department of defense institutes them.