New Police Unit For Uptown Greenville

There's a new strategy when it comes to tackling crime in Greenville. Specifically the uptown area. The new center city police unit has been created to focus on that region.

Officers say that part of their goal with the center city unit is to change perceptions of Uptown Greenville, and in turn, bring in more business to that area of the city.

Officers Nick Simmons and Jonathan Peterson are part of the new police unit.

Officer Simmons says, "The difference between us and the regular patrol units is that we're more specialized in that we have a specific goal in mind, crime prevention, crime reduction and spurring economic development in the center city area."

Officer Peterson says, "The city is growing fast and its expanding, that's what we want we want, the city to expand because it brings more money in to the city and puts more money into local businesses"

The center city unit will allow officers to build a relationship with businesses and residents in the area.

It will be comprised of eight officers, already on the force, with a variety of training backgrounds that include active shooter response, crisis intervention, and narcotics.

The officers will focus on the area between First Street and Tenth Street from Elm Street down to Albemarle Avenue.