New Oriental Town Hall Fortified Against The Elements

Oriental has a new town hall designed to withstand what mother nature can dish out.

The Pamlico County town has been operating out of a trailer since Hurricane Irene destroyed the town hall in 2011.

Town manager Bob Mazbauer says the new town hall is designed to survive the elements. Mazbauer says, "The exterior of the building is waterproofed up to let say the windows, an additional three feet, so it forms like a boat. Grates at the doors are designed to catch what water may enter. Even if water comes up 2 or 3 feet it is caught by those and pumped out just like a boat. "

Everything is tiled in the building in each room up to the chair rail to protect from water damage, and there is a ventilation system in the walls to dry them if necessary.

The new town hall also has new solar power and a wrap around porch, much like other neighboring homes.

The town hall will also house the police department and the first public restrooms that will be open 7 days a week.

The coast of the new town has was $300,000.