New Options For Beaufort County Schools To Make Up Snow Days

New, flexible options are in place for schools in Beaufort County as they try to finalize their make-up days for teachers and students.

Beaufort County racked up a total of 7 snow days over the last two months.

Monday night the school board held a meeting to finalize their make-up day plan.

A couple of initial options were to have teachers work 7 consecutive Saturdays between March and April, and for students to add 10 minutes to the beginning of each day for the rest of the school year. But after hearing concerns and negative feedback, the board made some adjustments.

Instead, the board voted unanimously on a flex-plan.

Teachers can work with their principal or supervisor to work extra time to cover the time lost. Schools can choose one Saturday in March and one in April as an option if teachers choose to work those days.

There will also be three days added on at the end of the year that can be used if anyone is short of their 7-makeup days. Teachers who have annual leave can use that to cover some days as well.

As for the students: Initially 10 minutes were expected to be added on to the beginning of the school day. Now, absorbing those minutes looks like the best option.

Superintendent Dr. Don Phipps says, "The feedback I've gotten from principals and a lot of folks is that there's time around recess or lunch time that they can gather a few minutes and be able to make up the 10 minutes without affecting in a big way our school bus schedules, and stuff like that."

Each school has until Thursday to provide their plan of how they'll add on their 10 additional minutes each day,

The plans would then be approved Thursday night and would go into effect on Monday, March 3rd.

Dr. Phipps says the one major victory in these make-up day plans is that Easter break will not be affected.