New Greene County Middle School Opens

Some students in Greene County returned to a new school Monday.

Two years ago a tornado nearly leveled Greene Middle School. Thankfully no kids were there at the time and no one was hurt, but the school had to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Monday teachers returned to their classrooms instead or modular units.

Teacher Deborah Fleming was all smiles on the first day of class. She says, "I'm back in the middle schools because as I said before middle school is my passion, I love middle school"

Science teacher Matthew Gnau is happy to be out of the temporary school and into the new building. He says, "As a science teacher we have a lot of stuff and last year, trying to contain it in one tiny little closet was very different so having this extra storage we're going to have a lot of hands on activities that are going to be available."

The school was built stronger and also has an air-conditioned gym, better handicap accessibility and a cafe-toria that can hold more students.