New Brewery Opens In Small Town Of Trenton

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A new brewery opened in the small town of Trenton in Jones County Friday with a ribbon cutting. The town with a population of about 300 people is home to the new Beer Army Brewery.

Beer Army was founded in 2008 by Dustin Canestorp who is an active marine. Canestorp says he choose Trenton for many reasons including a loan incentive. The brewery is expected to create 18 - 24 jobs within the first 3-5 years as well as bring more than $2 million in revenues to the county. The brewery will also be open to locals for tastings and somewhat of a bar atmosphere. Canestorp said when he lost a friend in combat is when he realized what he wanted to do.

"It fundamentally made me start evaluating what I wanted in life. My perception in my country, my beliefs, and everything. I realized it was time to go pursue my American dream, and my American dream was entrepreneurship and beer and merging the two together," said Canestorp.

He tells me the reason for the name Beer Army instead of Beer Marine is just that it rolled off the tongue better.

Beer Army s also looking into opening 2 more stores within the next 2 years.