New Bern Awards $1.48 Million Paving Project

A bumpy ride on a busy Eastern Carolina road is about to get a lot smoother.

The Department of Transportation says Neuse Boulevard in New Bern will be fixed soon. Drivers say it's simply a mess.

"It's very bumpy," says Steven Daub. "One time I actually lost the mirror in my truck because the road is in such bad shape."

Neuse Boulevard has been in poor condition for quite some time. Before they could start paving, the DOT says they needed to install new water pipe lines. That was completed in 2013.

Now a contract with Barnhill Contracting has been approved.

Work should begin July 21 and will be done by October 31. The DOT says contractors will probably have it finished before that end date.

The $1.48 million paving project will be done in three sections. Two of them will be paved during the day as the machine makes a tremendous amount of noise and is in a residential area. A third section in front of the hospital will be paved at night.