New Bern Students Get Powerful Reminder About DWIs

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It's prom season, and while it's a time to have fun for the high school students, it's also a time to make sure they stay safe. That was the message behind a reenactment of a DWI crash at New Bern High School Friday.

The group SADD or Students Against Destructive Decisions team up with local leaders to get emergency responders involved. The Vidant medical transport helicopter landed at the school as part of the exercise. New Bern Police Chief Tussant Summers says it's an important day for these students.

"It's the end of the school year. Prom is coming up. Graduation is coming up, and sometimes at this age people feel invincible and this was scheduled to hopefully bring them back to reality and let them know the effects of alcohol and drugs have on families," Chief Summers.