New Bern Sporting Goods Creates Apparel In Honor Of Tanner Webb

A line of clothing items to honor 15-year-old Tanner Webb is available for purchase for a limited time, courtesy of a sporting goods store in the Colonial Capital.

Saturday will mark three months since Webb's passing.

The district attorney said Webb died after falling off a boat into the Trent River in early June. The New Bern teen was not wearing a life jacket, according to the Coast Guard.

In Webb's honor and to continue to keep his memory alive, New Bern Sporting Goods produced a small line of apparel embroidered with a 'Together For Tanner' logo.

Items that can be purchased include t-shirts, wristbands, and stickers.

The items will only be available through August 14 and takes at least two weeks to be shipped. They can also be picked up at the sporting goods store.

To buy these items, click here.

Profits made from the sale of these items will be given to the Tanner Webb Scholarship Fund.