New Bern Man Recalls Investigating JFK Assassination As FBI Agent

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Bob Hewett of New Bern says he was very close to the investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He is now retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but says his team recreated a scale model of the crime scene 50 years ago.

Hewett worked in Washington D.C. at the time Kennedy's assassination. He heard about the shooting at work, and saw Americans break out in tears on his bus ride home. Hewett and his team at the FBI spent the next several weeks taking measurements and recreating the scene for the Warren Commission.

"It was really an honor to work on it for the president, and we were extra careful with everything including all of your information we got in from the field and double checking on it," said Hewett.

While many think Kennedy's assassination was a result of conspiracy, Hewett believes to this day that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone when he shot the president. Hewett says, while this happened fifty years ago, it is still fresh in his mind. He says he was honored to help investigate such an important case.