New Bern Begins To Roll Out New Branding

New Bern spent $88,000 for a new branding campaign and is starting to show off its new logo, "New Bern North Carolina, Everything Comes Together Here."

The purpose of the branding is to attract businesses and tourists to the area to bring in more money locally.

City Manager Mark Stephens says, "One of the additional things you will be seeing is our watertower, that will be implemented. Additionally the signage downtown will also have the new logo design on it and those signs are meant to assist tourists with finding destinations in downtown."

But the price tag to put the brand out there is a little steep for some folks.

It will cost taxpayers $75,000. That's in addition to the nearly $88,000 that was paid for a consultant to come up with it.

Paul Abare says, "It doesn't seem to make much sense to me when you look at all the things money can be spent on in a small city like New Bern there's a lot of things that could be more relevant."

Stephens says the brand is more than just a logo. He says, "They provided us marketing data so we can determine who is coming to New Bern, why are they coming to New Bern, and what can we do to bring more people to New Bern. Promotes our tourism, increases our economic vitality, and ultimately it's bringing people here to spend dollars, which helps our community as a whole."

Abare understands wanting to bring as many people into town as possible--but thinks there are less expensive ways to do so. He says, "Just letting people know what a neat place this is. It's a lovely little community. Just work on that instead of spending money on some company that's going to come in and draw a pretty picture and say this is how you're going to be recognized. It just seems like somebody is getting lead down a path."

In addition to police cars and local businesses, you'll see the new logos on city business cards.

Mayor Dana Outlaw says he hopes the airport, local college and more businesses will be incorporating the logo as part of their brands in the next year.