New Atlantic Beach Doubletree Packed, Spurs Business For Others

The Doubletree Hotel in Atlantic Beach opened just 15 days ago and is now gearing up for its first holiday weekend at the beach.

The Doubletree replaced the Sheraton Hotel after it was damaged during Hurricane Irene.

Management says crowds of beach-goers are pouring in to book rooms for this 4th of July weekend.

Sales and marketing director Bobbie Stanley tells us the hotel is projected to sell out, which isn't just good news for Doubletree, but for businesses across the street as well.

The Island Cove Convenience store says they lost 40-percent of their business when the Sheraton closed. Owner Kim Hall says having the Doubletree up and running for the 4th of July is ideal timing. She says, "This weekend should be our hottest weekend of the year, 4th of July always is, and we're looking forward to Doubletree hopefully filling up the rooms so we can get their business, and also send business to them."

Hall says the entire community in that section of the beach has been energized by the Doubletree reopening. She says it's been a difficult two years, but now, business is booming.