New Approach To Gang Violence In Greenville & Pitt County

Teaching teens and their parents how to steer clear of gang activity is the what authorities in Pitt County are focusing on.

The Pitt county sheriff's office has teamed up with Greenville Police to fight the increase of violent crime in the community by making two videos to show the dangers of gang acitivty.

Pitt County Sheriff Neil Elks says they want parents to get involved with keeping their children out of gangs. Elks says, "This is kind of a new approach. Now, we are trying to teach the parent , don't always wait on the police to knock on your door to tell you that your son is in a gang. Look for the early signs now. Love your child. Love your child and save his life. That's what this is all about."

Sheriff Elks says both videos will be shown to all Pitt County schools and in the Department of Social Services lobby. They will also be available on facebook and youtube.