Neuse River Bridge Reopens After Icy Wrecks

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Drivers in Craven County had to find another way across the Neuse River this morning as the high rise bridge was closed due to ice.

The Craven County DOT said the highest point of the bridge was icy by 6:30 a.m. Thursday.

Before crews could get salt on the bridge, the DOT says five to six wrecks happened along the bridge leaving New Bern, heading toward Bridgeton.

Gordy Eure with the DOT said one driver actually rear-ended a state trooper's vehicle as that patrolman was responding to one of the wrecks.

Crews opted to close the bridge on the side leaving New Bern around 7:15 a.m so crews could get salt on the ground.

Dispatchers tell WITN of the handful of wrecks, none have been serious.

The bridge has since reopened.