Update: No Charges After Pit Bulls Fight For Hours

Onslow County Animal Control says the owner of pit bulls who fought for more than two hours will not be charged.

Last week a neighbor called Onslow County Animal Control after she spotted two of her neighbor’s dogs fighting.

Public information officer Todd Lyman tells WITN that after a thorough investigation, it was determined that a faulty clasp allowed the dog to get free, and then fight with the other dog.

We're told the owner, who lives on Barbee Road in Richlands, has cooperated with their investigation and has taken steps to prevent it from happening again.

Lyman says both dogs are in good health and that a veterinarian is providing follow-up care.

The owner of those dogs, who didn't want to appear on camera, was found to be in compliance with all state and local laws.


A woman contacted WITN saying she's concerned about the well-being of her neighbor's dogs. Sandy Barbee says two pit bulls fought for more than two hours on Thursday.

We spoke to the homeowner who says he runs a kennel at his home on Barbee Road in Richlands. He says he has 15 dogs and that accidents can happen.

The homeowner, who didn't want to be identified, says one dog got off the chain on Thursday and fought with another named Bruce. He wasn't home at the time.

Barbee then contacted Animal Control, who she says let the dogs fight until the owner came home and separated them. Both dogs survived but Bruce did have some cuts and bruises.

"Something should be done to control this," says Barbee. "That is inhumane."

Onslow County Animal Control Spokesman Todd Lyman says the case should be investigated.

Lyman says all animals are to be under the immediate control of the owners or keepers. He says there's no limit how many animals an Onslow County resident can own as long as they do so responsibly.

Bruce's owner has not been charged at this time.