Duplin County Men Plead Guilty To Animal Cruelty Charge

Shannon Johnstone photo

Two men have been ordered not to sell animals, after pleading guilty to animal cruelty charges related to a puppy mill.

The alleged puppy mill was outside Faison in Duplin County.

Carl Faison and Anthony McMillian pleaded guilty Wednesday, to one count each of misdemeanor animal cruelty after the discovery of nearly 50 dogs at a puppy mill off David Bright Road in March.

The judge ordered both men to not have more than three pets at a time and to not operate a business selling animals for the rest of their one-year unsupervised probation.

The dogs were taken to shelters in both Duplin and Wake Counties.


Two men accused of holding nearly 50 dogs at a puppy mill go to court for animal cruelty charges Wednesday.

Investigators said the alleged puppy mill bust happened on March 21st in Faison in Duplin County, just off Bright Road.

Animal cruelty officers told WITN the dogs were in deplorable conditions.

Carl Faison and Anthony McMillian were both charged with 22 counts each for animal cruelty.

Both were initially due in court on May 14th, but their cases were continued.

Assistant District Attorney, Jason McGuirt, said their office received case reports from the Duplin County Animal Control Department on May 16th.

Duplin County court calendars show the pair is due before a judge on the charges against them Wednesday.

We will let you know what happens in court.

At the time of the bust, officials told WITN the dogs would be taken to shelters in both Duplin and Wake counties where they would be examined by teams of veterinarians.

No word yet on how any of the dogs are recovering or if any have been adopted.


Charges have been brought after nearly 50 dogs were rescued Friday from a suspected puppy mill in Duplin County.

Animal control officers served a search warrant at a location on David Bright Road outside of Faison and found a variety of large and small breed dogs. Authorities say they were discovered in deplorable conditions and were suffering from untreated medical conditions.

The Humane Society says many of the animals were living in feces and did not have access to clean water or food.

Duplin County Animal Control has charged Carl Lee Faison and Anthony McMillian with 22 counts each of animal cruelty.

The dogs were surrendered and taken to animal shelters in Duplin and Wake counties where they will be examined by teams of veterinarians.