NEW INFO: Water Floods Men's Floor Of ECU Dorm

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Students are back in their dorm rooms, after a plumbing problem caused nearly an inch of water to flood one of the floors in Aycock Hall, which is located on the campus of East Carolina University.

ECU says around 1:30 Wednesday morning, a 2-inch pipe connection broke away from the wall in a men's bathroom on the first floor.

Students who live in that dorm told WITN water was nearly ankle deep down one hall. Some students reported brand new textbooks were floating in the water.

ECU says approximately 35 rooms were affected and it took two to three hours to clean up the mess. Water was three to four inches deep in the bathroom.

No word yet on the dollar figure of damage the flood has caused, but the university says it will work with the students to resolve any property damage.

An on-call plumber was at the dorm nearly 20 minutes after the issue was discovered and worked to get repairs underway to minimize impact on residents. Sump pumps were used to help get water into drains, according to officials.

The university says some residents were relocated into temporary spaces during the clean up while others stayed with friends.

Aycock Hall houses approximately 470 students and was built in 1960.