TWO YEARS LATER: Anniversary Of Hustle Mart Triple Murder

Today marks a somber anniversary for a family and a community. It was on April 1, 2012 that three clerks inside the Farmville convenience store were gunned down.

The three killed at the Hustle Mart were 26-year-old Nabil "Sam" Almoganahi, 24-year-old David Alawi, and 16-year-old Mokbel "Sam" Almoganahi.

The triple murder case has led to the arrests of eight people, and four are charged with murder. Antwan Anthony, Raekwon Blount and Xavier Shamble have their next court date in the case on April 8. Willie Whitehead has a scheduled court date for April 14.

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One of the four men accused in a triple murder last year in Pitt County found out today he will not have his bond reduced.

Willie Whitehead, Jr. was in the Pitt County Detention Center courtroom for about 20 minutes Tuesday morning.

Whitehead, and three others, are accused of killing three store clerks in April 2012 at the Hustle Mart near Farmville.

Whitehead is also accused of trying to have Sheriff Neil Elks and other public officials killed while he was in jail. His lawyer asked Superior Court Judge Marvin Blount to reduce Whitehead's bond on that charge to $100,000, saying his client was not a flight risk.

Whitehead's father, Willie Whitehead, Sr., wasn't happy with the judge's decision. Today, for the first time, the father spoke out about the triple murder.

"I want to tell them that I'm very sorry, sincere from my heart," said the older Whitehead. "That even, if he's tied up in it, my son, I'm so sorry for their family and their loss. I know it's got to be more terrifying than what I'm going through, it's got to tear them up. I'm sorry that he was even anywhere around. I'm asking that y'all forgive him, his family and anybody that had something to do with it."

Judge Blount also refused to move the man from Central Prison in Raleigh. He was moved to the higher security facility after lawmen uncovered the plot to kidnap and kill the sheriff and district attorney.

Hearings for Xavier Shamble and Raekwon Blount were continued until April 8th.

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Three of the four men accused of killing convenience store clerks almost two years ago now, are due in court Tuesday.

This is the robbery and murder case from the Hustle Mart in Farmville that happened in April of 2012.

Pitt County Detention Center officers told WITN 25-year-old Willie Whitehead was brought in from central prison, and he goes to court Tuesday morning.

Whitehead was moved to central prison after deputies said they foiled a plot involving Whitehead with the goal to kidnap and kill Pitt County Sheriff Neil Elks. Members of the Sheriff's family and those working in the District Attorney's office were also on the targeted list. No one was hurt in connection to that uncovered plot.

Whitehead, Xavier Shamble and Raekwon Blount are all due in court Tuesday, according to calendars posted online.

Each man faces three first degree murder charges, three kidnapping charges, plus robbery charges.

In August of 2013, a judge decided Blount, who was 14-years-old at the time of the murders, would be tried as an adult.

Another suspect, Antwan Anthony, is also charged with the murders and robbery but is not due in court until April of this year. Anthony was relocated to central prison in 2012 after deputies said he tried stabbing a jailer with a pen.

The three killed on April 1st of 2012 were 26-year-old Nabil "Sam" Almoganahi, 24-year-old David Alawi, and 16-year-old Mokbel "Sam" Almoganahi.

A total of eight people have now been charged in connection to the murder of the clerks inside the store or for accessory after the fact.