NEW REPORT: NC Military Stable Through Recession, Realignment

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A recently released report complied by the state's Department of Commerce indicates North Carolina's military installations have helped stabilize local economies.

North Carolina hosts five military bases, a military ocean terminal, and a U.S. Coast Guard base.

With nearly 110,000 active duty members assigned to those stations, the new report showed with all military contributions combined, the armed forces support about 10% of the state's economy.

The report factored in not only military personnel financial contributions to local economies, but also Department of Defense contracts and civilian jobs added to support the installations.

The Department's report said the military bases and functions in local communities translates to 540,000 jobs statewide which can be traced back to the military.

However the numbers are all subject to change, according to the report, as the country prepares draw downs from two major wars and as troop realignments continue.

The state report projected more than 19,000 military members will be filing for separation this year, followed by nearly 22,000 in 2015.

With an upcoming surge in military separations, the Department noted these military members will emerge from service with an arsenal of job skills which could get them work in North Carolina or beyond state lines.

To read the full report for yourself, click here.