NEW INFO: Man Accidentally Shoots, Kills Brother

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Authorities have released the names of the brothers involved in a fatal, accidental shooting.

Authorities say a Wilmington man who thought he was shooting an intruder ended up killing his own brother.

Police say they got a domestic disturbance call Thursday night and found two brothers fighting at a Wilmington home. George Dastmalchi was taken to a hospital, treated for severe intoxication and later left under his own power.

A few hours later, police got a second call to the same address. They say 65-year-old Al Dastmalchi told them he had heard glass breaking at his front door and shot after he saw someone lunging at him with a weapon.

When he turned on the porch light, Al Dastmalchi realized he had shot his 63-year-old brother in the chest. George Dastmalchi was pronounced dead at a hospital.

No charges have been filed.

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Police say a man ended up shooting and killing his own brother after he heard someone breaking the glass to his front door early this morning.

Wilmington police say it happened around 12:45 a.m. on Hunter's Trail.

The 65-year-old resident told police after hearing the glass break, he retrieved his handgun and went to investigate. The man said when he opened the door, he looked to the left and saw someone lunging at him with a spiked object in his hand. The man told police he fired once, hitting the person in the chest.

When the man turned on his porch light, he realized the person he shot was his younger brother. The 63-year-old brother was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center where he later died.

Police have not filed any charges in the case yet.