NEW INFO: 35 New Warrants For Illegal Video Poker In Pitt County

Deputies said they have now filed nearly three dozen more warrants for people illegally operating video poker machines in Pitt County.

Pitt County Sheriff's office spokeswoman Christy Wallace said the undercover operation named "Pot of Gold" started October 30th of last year after people complained to the sheriff's office about the operating machines.

Deputies said they found machines in several local businesses to be in violation of current state law .

Wallace said deputies went undercover into the establishments, played the games, and even cashed out.

By January 7th, deputies said they served 22 search warrants while Greenville police served seven more.

In the January round up, law enforcement officers seized 78 machines and more than $33,000.

Deputies said those with five or more machines were charged with felonies while those with fewer than five machines were charged with misdemeanor crimes.

Wallace said the 35 recently filed warrants are new and in addition to those executed on January 7th.

These arrest warrants, according to Wallace, charge the store owners and operators for providing and/or profiting from the illegal gambling machines.

Among these most recent warrants, Wallace said 20 had been served.

Wallace said for the machine owners who turned themselves, magistrates granted those unsecured bonds.