NC Board Of Elections: 2 Counties Had Voting Machine Problems

The State Board of Elections says only 2 counties have reported early voting problems with the touch-screen Ivotronic machines, even though there have been rumors that other counties have had issues.

The Deputy Director says on the first day of voting in New Hanover, 10 machines malfunctioned, and 2 machines in Craven County had issues last week. Voters reported when they tried to vote for the straight Republican ticket, the machine chose the Democratic ticket instead.
However, she says the machines were recalibrated when voters reported the problem, and everyone was able to cast votes of their choice.

The State Board of Elections says someone called the board to report a similar occurrence in Lenoir County Monday, but says it turned the caller had no first-hand knowledge of the problem. Election workers say voter concerns are always taken seriously, but say all touch-screen and paper ballot machines are carefully tested and usually have no problems.

"I for one, personally would like to see the rumors stop, but you know, you're not going to stop individuals from voting and i would never discount anything a voter would say happened to them - that's a very personal experience," said Craven County Board of Elections Director Erin Burridge.

The State Board of Elections says both the touch screen and paper ballot machines are dependable.

Early voting continues this week through Saturday. Election day is November 2nd.