NC Senate Considering Allowing Schools To Have Epipens

A bill that would allow epinephrine injectors, "or EpiPens", to be available on hand in public schools across our state is being reviewed in the NC Senate.

The injection is used to treat a person having an allergic reaction.

According to health experts, epinephrine would have no adverse effects on someone injected who was not having an allergic reaction.

Students with prescriptions are allowed to have them at school, but schools are not allowed to keep extras on hand for students who don't have a prescription. A bill being reviewed by the NC Senate seeks to change that.

Pitt County school nurse Terri Joyner, says, "It could save a kids life. We don't know all those students out there who have allergies, so if we had a student who was exposed to an unknown allergen at school and had an anaphylactic reaction, some of our schools are quite a distance from a rescue truck."

The bill does come with some disadvantages. The annual cost of having EpiPens on hand in schools could reach upwards of $15,000 in Pitt County alone.