North Carolina Ranks In Top 10 Worst Drivers Nationwide

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In a new statistical survey, one company suggests drivers in our state need to hit the brakes and drive with more caution. recently released their "Worst Drivers By State" list, and North Carolina was in the top 10 for bad driving by the numbers.

According to the company, these results come from a year of tallying up traffic issues between 2011 and 2012. Those violations range from careless driving to driving while impaired.

The worst six states on the list are in the south.

Louisiana ranks at the top of the list for worst drivers across America.

South Carolina and Mississippi follow in second and third place.

Texas ranked fourth on the company's list. Alabama was fifth, then Florida.

North Carolina and Missouri tied for the seventh place.

The company said our state jumped in the rankings with more reported careless driving tickets. Other factors bumped North Carolina to number eight on the list of worst drivers nationwide.

Montana and North Dakota came in ninth and tenth, respectively.

Vermont came in with the best drivers by the numbers, according to the survey company's website.