New NC Tax & Tag Together Program Requires Just One Stop, Payment

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North Carolina has changed the way you register your vehicle and pay vehicle taxes and those notices will soon arrive in mailboxes.

Those will be for bills that are due in July.

The new bills will reflect both vehicle property tax information from counties and other taxing jurisdictions, as well as vehicle registration and inspection information. Drivers used to pay for tags and taxes separately, but the new program, "Tag & Tax Together," will require one payment for both bills.

"I think it's a pretty good idea you know. One stop shop for everything, and you people ain't got to be running around waiting to do this and do that," said Ronnie Jarmon as he renewed his tags Tuesday in Greenville.

"I kind of like the old way. I didn't mind it at all, but I don't know what the new system's gonna be like. It may be even better," said Dudley McRae.

Both tag renewals and tax payments must be paid in full to renew vehicle registration.