NC Gubernatorial Candidates Campaigned On College Campuses Monday

Candidates for North Carolina governor campaigned late into Monday.

Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton still trails republican candidate Pat McCrory in the latest poll 50 to 43 percent, but he's gained substantial ground over the last week. Dalton visited East Carolina University's campus Monday, speaking with students about the choice they'll face on the ballot Tuesday. As far as the latest poll results go, he's not reading into it.

"The real poll that counts is tomorrow. As I go around this state I feel the enthusiasm. I think people are beginning to analyze the candidates. I said it's like an athletic contest, people have been out at the concession stands, but now the game is really on," said Walter Dalton, (D) North Carolina Lt. Governor.

Dalton says his record, and detailed plans are what give him the edge over McCrory.

McCrory was campaigning Monday at Wingate University southeast of Charlotte.

McCrory looked and sounded comfortable with where things stand the day before election day. He says he's tired of students graduating, only to struggle finding work and in some cases moving back in with their parents because of North Carolina's unemployment rate, which is the 5th highest in the nation.

"That is not the North Carolina and that is not the country I remember growing up. My goal for every college student is I want you to graduate then I want you to get a job, then I want you to move into your own house," said Pat McCrory, (R) Candidate For Governor

Mccrory says he's willing to call foul on republicans, democrats and independents if needed as governor to fix a broken economy and and broken government.