NC Emergency Officials Review Procedures In Wake Of Explosions

The recent tragedies in Boston and West, Texas have emergency management and local first responders reviewing their response procedures.

Agencies across the state met at the Greenville Convention Center Thursday for their annual disaster symposium, where they review and train for both natural and manmade disasters.

The North Carolina Emergency Management director says since Monday's Boston explosion and Wednesday's West, Texas explosion, they've wasted no time in reviewing their training techniques. Michael Sprayberry says, "We've gone through our checklist and refreshed our memories on it. We've got a checklist for every scenario, that's what we try to do, and we try to exercise it."

Sprayberry says it's also a good idea for families to have a plan when they attend big events. He says make sure your children have some kind of identification on them, and to have a meeting place in case everyone gets separated.