ENC Congressman Walter Jones: Fiscal Cliff Process "Frustrating"

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President Barack Obama addressed the fiscal cliff issue with the nation Friday night, saying he was still optimistic a deal could be made, but congress needed to take immediate action. Failing to reach the January 31st deadline would likely result in tax increases on the middle class, and a hit to the country's economy.

Congressman Walter Jones says he could sense the president's frustration.

"I think for both parties it's been very frustrating. I've said many times that these past 2 years have been a very dysfunctional two years, and I've been there 18 years," said Rep. Walter Jones, (R)- N.C. District 3

Senate leader Harry Reid and minority leader Mitch McConnell are working on a potential agreement. The president says if no agreement is made, a bill will go before congress for an up or down vote, in hopes of limiting the damage.