NC Bill Requires Background Check, Class For Owners Of Certain Dog Breeds

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Those of you looking to become dog owners, starting next year, you might have to go through a background check and take a class depending on the breed you choose.

A bill filed earlier this week, calls for the regulation of what some lawmakers believe to be aggressive dog breeds in our state. Starting on January 1, 2014, anyone looking to own a pit bull, rottweiler, mastiff, chow, or perro de presa canario would have to submit to a criminal background check, and then take a course of instruction lasting at least 4 hours.

"They do have a little bit of a violent background, but that's not every pit bull, and it's usually not the dog's fault but it's how they were brought up. It's their trainers and stuff," said pit bull owner Morgan McAden.

The bill also would require owners to apply for a special permit from the department of insurance.