NBC's "Revolution" Sarts Second Season In New Time Slot, "Law & Order SVU" Returns

(NBC News) NBC's Premiere Week continues tonight as the drama "Revolution" starts.

It's the show's second season in a new time slot, Wednesdays at 8pm eastern time.

That's followed by "Law and Order SVU" with an episode unlike any it's ever done.

Turning on the power, turned up the trouble at the end of last season on "Revolution"

Revolution season 1 finale ended with two nuclear missiles to be fired at the East Coast.

Season two finds the world again without electricity and the heroes in a mysterious Texas town where a new power is coming to light.

After Revolution's premiere, it's "Law and Order SVU."

The squad's trying to find Detective Benson who was abducted at the end of last season.

The episode is intense enough to carry a viewer discretion advisory and takes Mariska Hargitay's character into her darkest terrain yet.

"Essentially, by the end of this episode, she'll have a whole new character to play, because there's no going back after something like this," said Hargitay.

It's the first of back to back episodes kicking off "SVU"'s 15th season.