SNEAK PEEK: NBC's New Supernatural Thriller "Believe" Debuts Tonight

(NBC) NBC's new supernatural thriller "Believe" starts with a car crash.

While that accident spells the end for the parents of a 10-year-old girl named Bo, it's just the beginning of her adventure.

"We're dealing with issues about longing, about loss, about loneliness," says show creator Alfonso Cuaron.

Cuaron says his aim was to keep it real.

"This is not a comic book kind of approach," the Academy Award winning director says, "This is not a fantasy approach. We wanted to be in locations that are relatable."

The show has plenty of unbelievable moments as Bo displays talents beyond mere mortals.

That also puts her in the sights of some very unsavory characters.

After tonight's debut "Believe" will move to its regular time slot on Sunday nights.