NEW INFO:Afghan Official Says American Forces Mistakenly Bombed

New reports indicate five American military members may have been killed as a result of friendly fire in Afghanistan.

An Afghan official told CNN a coalition jet was called to help fend off a Taliban attack, when that jet mistakenly bombed the five American service members and one Afghan soldier.

The International Security Assistance Force has reported five military members were killed in Afghanistan, and indicated the deaths may have been a result of friendly fire.

A news release on ISAF's website reads, "We can confirm five International Security Assistance Force service members died in southern Afghanistan yesterday (Monday). The casualties occurred during a security operation when their unit came into contact with enemy forces. Tragically, there is the possibility that fratricide may have been involved. The incident is under investigation. Our thoughts are with the families of those killed during this difficult time.

CNN reports the deaths happened in a southern region of Afghanistan, in the Zabul province.

NATO has only announced five American, NATO service members were killed, and has not released information about what branch they were from. The organization said the troops were conducting a security operation at the time.


A senior Afghan government official told CNN the five NATO service members killed in Afghanistan were Americans.

According to reports from CNN, the deaths happened in a southern region of Afghanistan, in the Zabul province, on Monday.

NATO still has only announced five NATO service members were killed, but did not specify what country they were from or how the five died.

The official did not tell CNN how the service members died.


NATO says five service members have been killed in attack in southern Afghanistan.

A statement from the international alliance on Tuesday says that all five soldiers died on Monday.

It did not give further details on where the attack happened nor the nationality of the soldiers killed in the attack. Coalition policy is for home countries to identify their military dead.

The deaths bring to 36 the number of NATO soldiers killed so far this year in Afghanistan, with eight service members killed in June.

Casualties have been falling in the U.S.-led military coalition as its forces pull back to allow the Afghan army and police to fight the Taliban insurgency. All combat troops are scheduled to be withdrawn from the country by the end of this year.

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