Lawmaker's E-mail Accuses NAACP Leader Of "Racist Diatribes"

A new lawmaker from Eastern Carolina has made a strong statement in an e-mail to the NAACP.

On Friday afternoon, Dr. William Barber II, the current president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP released an email in which Michael Speciale, a Republican representing parts of Beaufort and Craven counties and all of Pamlico County in the NC House, asked to be removed from the organization's email lists.

The e-mail is reported to have been in response to Barber's push against proposed voter ID laws. Barber has called the initiative "national propaganda."

In a response email, made public by Barber, Speciale apparently accused Barber of "racist diatribes" and "race-baiting attitude."

"This is as insulting a diatribe as I have seen in years. The NAACP has a proud history of working on behalf of black Americans to address the problems of society directed at them. You tarnish that with your racist diatribes and your race-baiting attitude," wrote Speciale.

"Your comments, both today and in the past are racist and inappropriate, therefore, I request that you remove me from your email list."

WITN has been unable to obtain comment from Speciale as of Friday afternoon.

The controversy is coming to light as NAACP chapters and other groups across North Carolina held news conferences Friday to announce their plan for thousands to march on the North Carolina General Assembly in Raleigh on Saturday, February 9.

During one of the news conferences is in Greenville, Dr. Barber was not in attendance. However, a representative from the NAACP stood in agreement with Barber and his disagreement with Speciale's statements. Others news conferences were scheduled Friday in Raleigh, Fayetteville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Wilmington, Elizabeth City

Today is the 53rd anniversary of the Greensboro sit-in, at the Woolworth's store.

The organizations say the march on February 9 is against poverty and economic injustice.