Murdered Jacksonville Woman's Children Ask Shooter To Come Forward

The children of a Marine widow gunned down in the parking lot of a beach bingo business are asking the person responsible to come forward.

“…and I ask that you please come forward so that we can all be freed of this death,” said Kim Flournoy DiJoseph, the daughter of Kim Flournoy, who was shot and killed outside T.N.T Beach Bingo on Henderson Drive in Jacksonville, December 30th.

DiJoseph and her brother Sam Flournoy sat down with WITN’s Sara Dodrill, Saturday, and talked about how special their mother was, and how special she was to Jacksonville.

“The funeral director said there was close to 350-400 people there. For us to know she wasn't alone here. She always had this town,” said DiJoseph.

Sam Flournoy echoed his sister, “I’ve had people come up to me and express their grief to me and so in that way I think Jacksonville is a little more of a home town than it has been in a while.”

No arrests have been made by Jacksonville Police. Officials hope that a $22,500 Crime Stoppers reward will break open the case.

Flournoy was said to have been a regular at the beach bingo business and had lived in Jacksonville for over 20 years.