"Mules" Helping ECU Police Patrol Campus Efficiently

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East Carolina University's campus is becoming more pedestrian friendly, and that means officers need a new way to get around quickly without using their normal police cruisers. They're using new golf cart size vehicles called "mules." They're similar to an ATV or Gator. ECU police say the mules will help them get around and keep a close watch on campus.

Lt. Chris Sutton says, the two mules they have now will help police with special events such as football games and tailgating as well as their normal patrols on campus where lots of changes are being made.

"Our campus is moving more towards a pedestrian campus, where at some point we're going to lose some thoroughfare where we've been able to pass through, or other vehicles have been able to pass through. So having something like this to be able to move officers back and forth quickly will help us in our response times and increase our patrol response.

Sutton says their goal is to get six more mules- 4 more on campus and 2 for the Brody School of Medicine, but that could be years away.

The operation budget paid for the mules.