Motocross Trainer Has Worldwide Draw To Maysville Facility

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A motocross training facility along Highway 58 in Jones County is bringing people from all over the world into Maysville.

The trainer is motocross and supercross champion Jim Weinert. People come from Europe, Canada and across the United States to get stronger and better at motocross and try to make their dreams come true.

Jeremy Pronovost is here from Montreal to train.

"I've been here for three weeks, and my riding skills have upgraded a lot, my condition has never been better and now I'm just hoping it will be good enough to get that number one place in Canada!" said Pronovost

While these guys keep Weinert busy, they also keep Maysville busy by buying gas there, going grocery shopping and going out to eat. Families come down and camp out for weeks while their riders train.
Anyone can ride at Crystal Coast MX. It costs 20 bucks for the day.