Most ENC Gas Stations Raise Prices 3-7 Cents A Gallon In 5 Days

By  | Wednesday showed a majority of gas stations had raised their prices by at least 3 cents in the past 5 days. The Shell station in James City in Craven County had regular unleaded for $3.49 per gallon Friday. Five days later the price was $3.56.

We spoke to a driver who says she's cut out a lot to make sure she has enough for fuel and her family needs. To top it off, the vehicle she drives requires premium gas which is $3.91 a gallon.

"I can go pretty far on E sometimes. I'll be pushing it a little bit, and I have to put three dollars here, five dollars here, sometimes and it only gets you a gallon," said Michelle Windley.

The average price of gasoline in New Bern is $3.55 a gallon for regular.