Morehead City Wants Small Boats Moved From Beach Boat Launch

Morehead City officials are taking measures to remove small boats stored at a local beach boat launch, saying some boats are abandoned and others are trespassing into neighboring properties.

Some boat owners dispute that, saying the 11th street Morehead City beach boat launch has been used in this way for 30-years, and are worried complaints from two neighbors have changed everything.

Gunnar Stumpe says, "I've been coming to Morehead City for almost 30-years and I've always known this beach as a sailing point."

But Stumpe says he's been told through conversations with the city and the local police that there were complaints.

Morehead City manager Dave Whitlow says because of complaints of derelict boats, trespassing, and difficulty mowing around the vessels, boats can no longer be stored here overnight.

Whitlow says boat owners have until October to move their vessels.

If the boats are not moved, the city will tow them away and store them in the public works lot, and if they're not claimed, they will dispose of them.

The city manager says for now, there will be no fines for rule breakers, but they do have the option of issuing a $50.00 fine.