More Vigilance At Pitt-Greenville Airport Following Boston Bombings

Pitt-Greenville Airport operations manager Gordon Rowell says while they haven't amped up security following the Boston bombings, employees and security will be more vigilante.

Rowell says, "TSA does a good job, pretty much year round on this sort of thing. They prepare for this, they drill for this sort of thing. So even though there's not a heightened level of security, they're still very secure flying."

While airport officials say they have taken all safety measures to protect passengers, some, like Marie Rowe, can't help but be a little more concerned. Rowe says, "I've been traveling since I was a young girl and it doesn't usually make me nervous, but since the advent of terrorism with 9-11 and now yesterday's event in Boston, I was nervous last night."

Just two weeks ago the Pitt-Greenville Airport had an emergency drill that Rowell says allowed them to focus on and practice their security methods in case of an emergency.