More Snow Days Mean More Make-Up Days

More wintry weather in the forecast means a possibility for more make-up days for schools.

Pitt County Schools have already missed four days of class because of snow this year.

Brock Letchworth with Pitt County School says the school board is dreading the idea of closing school for a fifth day, or more, this year. He says the state requires schools to have either 1,025 hours or 185 days of classes.

So far, he says, they have not had to add days to the school calendar, but if they are forced to close this week, that will change.

Letchworth says, "Our schools all went above and beyond the amount of instructional hours we have in a given day, so we were able to have banked hours per say, and that took up 2 of the 4 days that we had to make up, so we only had to make up 2. Those days were already scheduled as make-up days on our calendar, March 7 and March 31. Well, we're out of scheduled make up days now."

Letchworth says if Pitt County Schools have to miss any more class time, the district will have to decide where those additional days will be pulled from.