More People Expected To Travel For The Holidays This Year

(NBC News) Travel experts are telling people to really pack their patience while traveling this holiday season because this one could be one for the history books.

AAA Motor Club predicts a record 94-million people will head out for the holidays starting this weekend.

"That's the fifth year in a row of increases and, in fact, it'll be the most people ever traveling for the holidays," said AAA's Michael Green.

The question and potential problem could be the weather.

It's still too early to predict next week's weather.

The travel club says recent winter storms have contributed to the lowest gas prices in three years and that means more drivers headed out for the holidays.

"Fewer people are driving when the roads are snowy and icy and as a result gasoline demand goes down. So, for most consumers, supply and demand are in your favor at the pump," Green said.

As always, most of the travel will be by car.

That will make it particularly tough going for the estimated four and half million motorists who will have a breakdown of some sort.

AAA says despite potential car problems and bad weather, Americans aren't letting anything come between them and a trip to be with family and friends for the holidays.