More Child Sex Crimes Or Just More Reporting Of Them?

While it may seem like you hear about more sex crimes involving children these days, investigators and prosecutors say it might just be because more people are reporting them.

Captain Jason Wank is one of the child sex crimes investigators in Carteret County. He says the number of sex assaults are up, but says, "People are in fact reporting this more."

District Attorney Scott Thomas says, "I think a lot of what you see are people who are more willing to report some of these sex offense crimes."

Thomas believes the reason that's happening is because, "They know they have an advocate, who will listen to them, evaluate the case, and prosecute if necessary. Then folks are willing to report these offenses."

Wank and Thomas both agree if you suspect your child has been the victim of a sex offense, get to a law enforcement agency immediately. They have resources available to make sure the child has as few interviews as possible, providing stronger evidence to prosecute an offender.