Mom's Sweepstakes Entry Wins $50,000 For Carteret County Schools

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Two Carteret County schools have $25,000 each to spend on educational supplies thanks to a mother's entry in the Box Tops For Education sweepstakes.

Newport Middle and Newport Elementary Schools received the checks Thursday after Melinda Dunkle entered and won the sweepstakes. Her children are students at the schools and she
says they insisted she buy products with the box top for education markings to enter the sweepstakes.

"At the time I did this all my children were in Newport Elementary School, but now I have one in middle school so I wanted to split the money so that all of my children could benefit from it and they said they usually don't do that, but I guess they made a special exception," said Dunkle.

Officials say they plan to spend the money on laptops and i-pads for students. The sweepstakes started in 1996 as a partnership between General Mills and Food Lion to help schools with funding.