Snow Hill Home Damaged In Early Morning Wreck

A mobile home, two mailboxes and a utility pole were struck after a driver lost control of his car early Wednesday morning, only a half mile away from his own home.

Authorities said the accident happened at 4 a.m. Wednesday in Snow Hill.

Officials said the driver, 22-year-old Korey Grant, came out of a curve too fast and ran off the road to the right shoulder.

That's when Grant veered off the road, hitting two mailboxes and crashed into a utility pole then a house on 247 Fred Harrison Road.

Grant ended up against a neighboring mobile home.

Trp. C.B. Kase said Grant was not hurt and he most likely fell asleep behind the wheel.

Grant is charged with failure to maintain lane control and careless reckless driving.

Kase said Grant caused about $10,000 in property damage, which does not include his car that was totaled.

No one in the mobile home was injured.