Mixed Feelings About More Winter Weather

Williamston in Martin County was already seeing some snow Monday night and for some folks, that's a good thing. Others, not so much.

Jeron Parker told us, "I like the snow. I don't care if it snows too hard or too little as long as I can get to work and get back home I'm cool with it."

Others like Jerry Carlisle say they've had enough snow. Carlisle says, "Well I missed a couple days of work last week, and it's been very cold, and I'm just ready for it to go away."

He says living this far south, he's surprised how much of a winter we've experienced this year. He says, "Yeah, a couple years ago we didn't have, I work outside mostly and we didn't have to wear a coat a lot of days. It's just been oddly cold here lately."

For Parker, that's just fine. He hopes it snows all night.