Military Pay In Jeopardy As Government Shutdown Looms

With Congress locked in another showdown over spending, local Marine families are worried about what a government shutdown would do to their finances.

Heather Pascuzzi's husband is a Marine deployed to Afghanistan and says, "It makes me a little nervous just because my husband's paycheck is the primary pay so if it gets frozen I don't know how we're going to be able to pay the bills and with three kids its very scary."

While the men and women will continue to keep us safe, if a budget isn't passed by October 1st, they'll be working for I.O.U.'s instead of paychecks.

Megan Amick is a full time kindergarten teacher, but with her first baby on the way, she relies on her Marine husband's paycheck. She says, "It would be difficult. Right now it's a struggle as it is with two paychecks. To imagine going from two to one is really hard."

If the shutdown were to happen, the mid October paycheck would be the first affected, and the military wouldn't get paid until the budget is passed.

According to Congress, most civilian contractors on base would be furloughed until a budget is drawn up.