NEW INFO: Meth Lab Raided, Three People In Custody

A week long investigation into meth in Duplin County lands three people behind bars after the discovery of a meth lab in a quiet residential area.

Duplin County Sheriff Blake Wallace says they found a meth lab and evidence of recently cooked meth on Oak Lane in Potter's Hill.

Christopher Lanier, 29 of Beulaville is charged with felony conspiracy, possession of meth, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Patricia Swinson, also 29 of Beulaville is charged with felony conspiracy to manufacture meth. Charles Quinn of Pink Hill is jailed on three counts of possess/distribute/manufacture meth, felony conspiracy and possession of paraphernalia.

Quinn's bond is set at $150,000, while Swinson and Lanier both have $25,000 bonds.

The State Bureau of Investigation was called in last night to help clean up the meth lab.

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