Medical Practice Breaks Silence About Former Pitt Co. Drug Detective

A medical practice is speaking out about the former Pitt County drug detective, accused of prescription fraud. The practice had members named in an SBI affidavit related to the case.

Mary Moseley works as a Medical Assistant at Eastern Physical Medicine and Rehab in Greenville. Moseley says she's worked hand-in-hand with Tyler Bryan.

Bryan is accused by the SBI of using fraud to get percocet pills from a local Walgreens.

Moseley says her practice would alert Bryan to possible cases of doctor shopping.

Moseley feels let down by the revelations, saying it's left her and others at the practice questioning their level of trust with Bryan.

"We're kind of let down as far as the relationship that he also built, with Tyler being our narcotics detective," says Moseley. "We trusted him as far as dealing with our patients and any type of patient related information."

For the past four years, Moseley says Bryan was nothing but professional. She did note that the former detective was checking on cases less frequently as of late.