McCrory Vetoes Welfare Drug Testing & Immigration Jobs Bill

Governor Pat McCrory has vetoed a bill that would have required some welfare recipients to undergo drug testing.

It's one of two bills the Republican governor vetoed today.

The governor said there are parts of the bill that are "unfair, fiscally irresponsible and have potential operational problems".

McCrory says the bill could lead to inconsistent application across the state's 100 counties and that the bill is not a smart way to combat drug abuse.

The governor did sign an executive order to strengthen criminal verification for welfare applicants, which was part of the bill.

The bill passed by wide margins in both the House and Senate.

The other vetoed measure would have exempted employers from using the E-Verify system for temporary workers of less than nine months, compared to no more than 90 days currently. He says the bill would have made it easier to hire immigrants in the country illegally.

Pitt County Rep. Brian Brown, who co-sponsored that bill, says he regrets the governor's decision to veto the bill.

“The primary objective of the bill is to address immigration procedures and policies that Washington has neglected for years, causing serious problems for employers and job creators in North Carolina," said the Republican lawmaker in a statement. "This bill received strong bipartisan support and sought to provide clarity to employers and agencies regarding the impact of illegal immigration in North Carolina.”

Brown declined our requests today to be interviewed for this story, instead issuing the statement.

Lawmakers could override both vetoes by the governor.