McCrory Staff Salaries On Track To Be Lower Than Perdue's

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory's administration has released the salaries of all the workers in his office to media outlets after The Associated Press asked for selected figures for new hires.

The governor's office provided this week a list of 38 people working there since McCrory was sworn in Jan. 5. A McCrory spokeswoman says the figures show he's on track to spend less than Democratic predecessor Beverly Perdue.

The information shows only Chief of Staff Thomas Stith is making more than McCrory's mandated salary of just above $141,000. Stith's $151,000 pay is 8 percent less than what Perdue chief of staff Britt Cobb made.

Press Secretary Crystal Feldman said it's McCrory's goal to spend less than Perdue within his office. It's unclear how many more workers McCrory will hire.